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In this video i show a basic run down of what happens to volkswagen jetta cars. After a while the windshield wiper "Linkage" will seize up and need to be replaced. Also its possible that your windshield wiper motor is bad or is burning out. I show the replacement of the parts and give a few tips.There is a text tutorial on fixing these issues here: http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=198712Also i purchased my new windshield wiper linkage from here: http://www.partsgeek.com/gbproducts/WC/7447-01026907.html?utm_source=google&a...Its an amazing cheap price, and i got it in just a few days, i recommend it.I also purchased a new motor, but i got that off of ebay, you might be able to find it locally as well if you are lucky.Please post questions and comments below and i will try and help you out, also be sure to subscribe if you would like to, i will try and do more videos as my car continues to break down.

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