Он-лайн видео на нашем портале Мир рукоплещет восхождению Китая - CCTV Русский 100309

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Теги: рукоплещет, Новости и политика, мир, китая, восхождению

Мир рукоплещет восхождению Китая(translation)The world applauds China's ascent The first of October the world's attention was riveted on the Tiananmen Square. The grand military parade and march demonstrated impressive popular modern image of China. At the ceremony attended by many foreign guests. They not only have witnessed the massive changes that have occurred in China for more than half a century, but also expressed the hope that China and will continue to play an important role in the international arena. Prominent Russia Academician sinologist, Sergey Tikhvinskij, witnessed the establishment of the People's Republic. He was present at Tiananmen Square in 1949, had a direct bearing on the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Honorary Chairman of the Company Russo-Chinese friendship, SL Tikhvinsky, said: I am very glad to see that our neighbor, China is developing so rapidly. This is the result of reform and openness. Military parade and the people's procession led joyful emotions in Russia's former ambassador to China, Igor Rogachev. Russia's former ambassador to China, Igor Rogachev: Congratulations to China, which is our friend and strategic partner. Today's celebration of the wonderfully organized. ... ... ...... ......Military parade and the people's march, certainly made the expected effect. The walls of the Imperial Palace once again have witnessed the power of his country.

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