Архив ulyanovsk-tut.ru Metallica - 07.05.2012 Prague, Czech Republic - complete version in full HD quality [Black album]

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DVD - download links with livemetallica.com soundboard sound!https://www.rapidshare.com/files/1087663301/Metallica_-_07.05.2012_Prague__CZ...https://www.rapidshare.com/files/2336416703/Metallica_-_07.05.2012_Prague__CZ...https://www.rapidshare.com/files/460129759/Metallica_-_07.05.2012_Prague__CZ_...https://www.rapidshare.com/files/1558989600/Metallica_-_07.05.2012_Prague__CZ...https://www.rapidshare.com/files/1629828563/Metallica_-_07.05.2012_Prague__CZ...http://ulozto.cz/xFJt7hS/metallica-07-05-2012-prague-cz-by-mr-scully-part1-rarhttp://ulozto.cz/xQHxeyu/metallica-07-05-2012-prague-cz-by-mr-scully-part2-rarhttp://ulozto.cz/xfKuZTK/metallica-07-05-2012-prague-cz-by-mr-scully-part3-rarhttp://ulozto.cz/xdXgPt1/metallica-07-05-2012-prague-cz-by-mr-scully-part4-rarhttp://ulozto.cz/xcE8sKz/metallica-07-05-2012-prague-cz-by-mr-scully-part5-rarhttp://share-rapid.cz/stahuj/w4b5e81ahttp://share-rapid.cz/stahuj/myar59shhttp://share-rapid.cz/stahuj/e79e6n4uhttp://share-rapid.cz/stahuj/gudf3z7jhttp://share-rapid.cz/stahuj/l06f9fc5There are three different sources used in this video: I shot the main part with Panasonic HDC-SD90, used my CA-14 cardioid mics with Edirol R-09HR and battery box to record the sound and the only part that is not mine is the encore - it had to be taken from several separate youtube videos because sadly my camcorder battery died too soon (not my fault but that's a long story).Please note that I was very far away (my distance to the stage was probably over 100m) and I had to use the full zoom (40x) quite a few times so the quality is not perfect. Also the camcorder had a wrong bitrate setting (my colleague's fault) so yes, it might have been better but I still think this is the most complete and best recording of the first night of the 'Black album' tour. Btw. if you think the video & sound is out of sync, it's not true - the sound is equal to what you see directly on the stage (however, the video on the screen is always delayed).Feel free to spread this video anywhere you want as long as you keep it in Full HD or at least HD quality without any further edits. There are three of four black spots during the video (during breaks between songs) - that's not intentional; I just didn't have any footage of those moments.0:01:52 Hit The Lights 0:05:43 Master Of Puppets 0:13:52 The Shortest Straw 0:20:25 For Whom The Bell Tolls 0:25:28 Blackened 0:32:50 The Struggle Within 0:37:43 My Friend Of Misery 0:44:42 The God That Failed 0:50:17 Of Wolf And Man 0:54:34 Nothing Else Matters 1:00:33 Through The Never 1:04:37 Don't Tread On Me 1:08:28 Wherever I May Roam 1:15:27 The Unforgiven 1:22:00 Holier Than Thou 1:26:10 Sad But True 1:32:18 Enter Sandman ----------------1:41:13 Fuel 1:45:23 One 1:55:43 Seek & Destroy And - yes, it's always nice to watch a video recording but Metallica still kicks ass even after all those years so don't be lazy and buy a ticket! :-)

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