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http://wsad.it/downloads/dragonage2torrentTAGS:you will need winrar in order to extract the archive.the file u will download above contains the links to download dragon age 2 pc full game please comment rate and subscribe. game dragon age 2 bioware ea games download full game download dragon age 2crack dragon age 2 crackdragon age II dragon age II crack DA 2 DA II RPG 3d action gore gaming patch 1.01bitshare piratebayDragon Age II is the second part series developed by BioWare, which became famous with many iconic production of role-playing game genre (eg Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect). Released in 2009, won acclaim for the first part of the players and the industry press and is often referred to the next cycle of spiritual Baldur's Gate.The adventure takes us back to the dark fantasy world populated by humans, elves and dwarves and plagued by new problems. This time, takes on the character of Hawke - devoid of refugees broke, which plays a key role in the future of this world and passed into legend as a Master of Kirkwall. The plot includes ten years of his life, during which it collects the deadly allies and win fame and fortune. The whole story is presented in the past tense. All events were already in place, and the players are brought in the role of listener greedily ch?on?cego every word falling from a wide variety of paragraph storytellers, who often differ in perspective and views on the reported story.Major changes occurred in the approach to the main character. In the previous section form a figure we could choose between several races. However, in Dragon Age II, although the game world is inhabited, among others by elves and dwarves, we can only play the human figure. No freedom of choice has been rewarded by having our hero specific, clearly defined personality (although of course shaped by our decisions then.) They return three well-known for its original character classes, a warrior, archer and mage. The creators took care of it, however, this time to radically differ from each other. Depending on the chosen class, we feel like a killing machine, a medieval ninja or a mobile artillery. During the adventure players will develop their own character, the tasks and take part in the momentous events. Just like the original, the fate of both the hero and the whole world is shaped by our decisions.Has significantly improved the combat system. Still we are in a clash in real time (with the additional option to pause at any time), but this time the care was that the player's character has always been at the center of the battle, whether it belongs to a class warrior, mage or rogue. Trees also have changed the capacity, so that not only increase the number of talents, but rather to expand the capabilities of individual skills. For example, if you delight yourself compression balls of fire, the game will allow him to develop and shape this particular skill, so that by the end of the game will have superpot??n? version of this spell, also ideally suited to the needs and possibilities of its form. Completely rebuild the system was also making calls. Classic transcripts replace the icon settings. Instead of seeing a possible sentences to choose from, we get a graphical view of the general nature of speech (eg, aggressive or sarcastic.)Dragon Age II uses a modified version of the robust graphics engine which was built the first part. Besides the typical game offers technical improvements also strongly altered graphic style. Visual realism gave way to a bit field clear styling. Shapes are now sharper, smoother surfaces, and excels in all the little cartoon version of dark fantasy.christianity instructions tutorial weapons video review gaming health defence trailer creature video game how-to fps cutscene off-road vehicles warfare defense superhero film consoles free get ps3 xbox

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