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This is a short movie featuring exerts from the hit anime High School of the Dead compiled as an AMV. HSotD is probably one of the most ecchi (pervy) series produced in recent months; although it is not classified as hentai it contains an unhealthy amount of fan service. Aside from that, the anime itself is pretty badass with lots of blood and zombies. The first episode was filmed in the theme tune of the movie "28 Days Later" which also inspired this AMV / trailer style.Naturally this AMV will contain many spoilers as it covers most of Season 1. Included are a few scenes from the great school escape (episode 1 - 3), Saeko's troubled past (episode 9), Saya's ninja parents (episode 10 - 11), and the bombing of zombie land (episode 12). Episode 6 has not been included as the shower scene is not safe for viewing! Some of you will be pleased to know that Episode 8 has been included because of Rei's epic matrix scene / Saeko's melon bullet time. Takashi, Kohta and Shizuka can be seen doing their usual pew pew action. Clips from episode 5 as well as episode 7 and episode 8 are included as well.At the time of writing Season 2 of HotD has not been officially announced but other sources speculate that Madhouse productions will start making it at around April 2011. Sony Vegas was used to edit the video and used raw clips to edit part 1 and part 2 of this video. Feel free to leave any comments and ratings.Direct Download:http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=180671

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